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Back in 2011, Short Com began as a comedy short film programme that showcased some of the funniest short films by independent comedy film making talent, screening in major cities such as Edinburgh (Cameo Cinema), London (Pleasance Theatre and Hackney Attic), Manchester (Frog & Bucket), Bristol (Cube Cinema)and Glasgow (CCA), as part of the Glasgow Short Film Festival and in Berlin (Sputnik Kino).
Over the years it picked up a strong following and fan base for championing talent often being overlooked. As a not for profit operation, Short Com raised over a thousand pounds for mental health charities such as CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health).

After a three year hiatus, Short Com returned to the Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh with a brand new programme of short films. Armed with a new impetus the aim of Short Com is aimed at encouraging and harnessing talent based outside of London who wish to forge a career in comedy film making for TV and film. In association with Screen Academy Scotland and Cinetopia, we ran a series of master classes for selected delegates who have shown evidence of making steps in film making and writing.

For several years Short Com operated as a reviewing platform. Reviewing film at renowned film festivals such as the Edinburgh Film Festival, London Film Festival, Glasgow Film Festival and Berlinale. It also reviewed live comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe. In 2018 and 2019. Short Com teamed up with fellow online magazine The Wee Review to produce The Wee Short magazine guide to the Edinburgh Fringe. We produced 10'000 copies spread about Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Short Com was founded by Chris Aitken. It was merely a brain fart that had no idea what direction it was heading in and is pleasantly surprised where it is today. A large part of Short Com’s growth has been down to the kindness and hard work of volunteers over the years.


Our mission at Short Com is to celebrate emerging comedy filmmaking and writing talent. Comedy is one of the most adored genres and difficult skills to be successful at. Yet is not quite recognised as an artform compared with other genres. We want to be the festival and organisation that gives artistic credibility to those making films who want to uplift audiences. Likewise, we hope our curation puts forward exciting talent to audiences and also improve mental health. 

Part of our long term aims are to help encourage those, particularly outside of London, into  who would not normally consider a career in filmmaking and screenwriting because they do not have the confidence or belief to do so. 

Short Com's other major goal is to become
 the best comedy led film festival in Europe and multi-award qualifying film-festival. We were very proud to become a BIFA qualifying film festival in 2021.

short com.

Bec Hill Presents Short Com is Dead at the London Hackney Attic in 2016

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