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TV Sitcom Script Competition
Winners and Longlist

Short Com is very pleased to announce the winner of their first ever TV Sitcom Script Competition sponsored by Final Draft and BCG Pro. 


Judged by comedy industry experts Lucy Lumsden, Jon Aird, Mia Ylönen and Tobias Smith. The panel of judges presided over the short list of five scripts by Joe Barnes, Richard Lazarus, Emma Ramsey, Ian Smith and Ian Sweeney. In a real tight knit contest the results led to...


1st Joe Barnes - Joy

2nd Ian Smith - Mayor

3rd Emma Ramsey - Sorry and Ian Sweeney - Saviour

5th Richard Lazarus - Plan B

Congratulations to Joe Barnes who wins a copy of Final Draft software and an annual membership to BCG Pro. Also once again congratulations to the fellow shortlisted writers as the scores were really tight who demonstrated some real writing talent.

Short Com would like to thank again to those who entered, our sponsors Final Draft and BCG Pro, our reading team of Lee Hamilton and Declan Hill and judges.

We'll be back again next year with the Sitcom Writing Competition.


The 2020 Sitcom Competition Longlist 

Kelvin Wong – Problematic Viewing

Richard Lazarus – Plan B

Sian Goff and Georgia Maguire – Off Grid

James Murphy – Chatter Box

Oliver Prescott – Puzzle

Jody Wiltshire – Another Mother

Stephen Roughsedge – Stay At Home Dad

Ian Smith – Mayor

Isaac Fisher – The Other Side of The Coin

Alistair Inglis – Homesick

Indigo Hinton – Rainbow’s End

Carol Younghusband – Echo Village

Emma Ramsay – Sorry

Will Miles – Civil Behaviour/Widowing

Barry Wood – Almost A Superhero

Ian Sweeney – Saviour/Troubadours

Matthew Smith – Vultures

Colin Dowland – Healing

Joe Barnes – Joy

Joel Frosh and Joel Brooks – Gains

Natalie Malla and Sara Butler – 0800 Babe

Lydia Clarke and Liam Conroy – Hooligans 

Alexander MJ Smith – Caffeine

Lucie Brownlee – Bend and Flick

Damien St. John – Adventures of a Single Dad

Tony Brinton – Bet or Die Trying

James Everett – The Wolf of Wall Street

Brogan Thomas – Town of Eden

Mike Arber and David Kidder – Mars Hotel

Carwyn Blayney – Carmathen’s Strongest Man

Charlotte Ash – Very Much Single

Graham Barrett – Shot To Nothing

Ed Sayeed – Staying Alive

Steven Bowbrick and Mink Kapferer – Walking Back To Happiness

Jack Stanley  – All Your Songs Are About Me

Barbara Vonau – Clap

Donna Gray – Foiled

Joanna Tilley  – Old

Alberto Lopez – Working From Home

Christopher Anastasi and Charlie Dinkin – Annie Waits

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