2019 programme

Chasing kesha

A Psychiatrist develops an unprofessional infatuation for one his patient's multiple personalities.

Dir. Petros Ioannidis


A trailer for new Scandinavian noir TV series: "Spokke".

Dir. Jim Archer

Little monsters

Katie is scared of monsters under the bed but that is just laughable when there is sooo much more to be truly frightened of. 

Dir. Simon Harris

Insecurity questions

Spencer just wants to get through to his bank account... but the security questions have been updated.

Dir. Rosco 5

Lance Jazz's Office workout

CEO Lance Jazz wants you to think about changing your approach to working out. Why go to a gym, when you've got everything you need right at your desk?


Dir. Grince Town

Sam Did It

Sam is about to meet his celebrity idol... the only problem is, Sam works in a morgue... and his idol is dead.

Dir. Sam Burgess

shoe purse

When Celeste moves in with Dan everything seems perfect. Until she uncovers a terrible secret.

Dir. Big Red Button

bottle boy

A lonely kid seeks friends by writing a message and putting it in a bottle, only to learn a valuable lesson in conservation from a council litter picker

Dir. Tony Burke

One Second EVERY day

In 2018 Ithe filmmakers decided to film one second of footage every day: this was the result​


Dir by Adrian Gray & Archie Henderson.

It's a beautiful day

A nice day in the park. Or is it.

Dir. Grince Town

2020 programme

Wormhole Bumhole

One man will do anything to just avoid a conversation.

Dir. Ben Mallaby

Home Sweet Home

Piotr returns home to an empty house from Madrid just as the pandemic kicks off and quickly learns how much he needs his family.

Dir. Mariusz Kuczewski