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Short Com Programme 2020

The winner of the Funniest Film was awarded to La Princessa De Woking. Well done to duo Pier Van Tijn and Johnny Burns and to the writer and star Emma Sidi. They claim $500 USD and free consultation meeting from our sponsors Festival Formula.

The panel of judges presiding over the funniest film were producer Chiara Ventura from Ardimages, editor of Scottish culture magazine The Wee Review Robert Peacock, and the creators of the popular Netflix sitcom Norsemen, Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen. They had to pick their three funniest films from the selected films below.

Dad's Divorce - Jesper Sichlau

The Coyote - Derek Hayes

Wilma - Haukur Björgvinsson

The Wedding Dance - Farrel Hegarty

La Princessa De Woking - Big Red Button

Neville Is Dead - Louis Paxton

Satisfaction - Leif Johnson

Wormhole Bumhole - Ben Mallaby

Two Pan Dan - Sergio Cilli

The Feathers - Joe Bor

Cute House - The Dress Up Gang

If You Love Her Let Her Go - Ilan Zerrouki

The Best Script Award as judged by festival director Chris Aitken was awarded to Ilan Zerrouki for If You Love Her Let Her Go. Illan claimed a free copy of Final Draft screenwriting software courtesy from our sponsors Final Draft

The judges as well as viewers were full of praise for the quality of films on display.


We'd like to thank the filmmakers once again for allowing us to screen their films and bring a bit of joy in what was a toilet of a year. As well as to those who helped Short Com in 2020 and to our sponsors Festival Formula and Final Draft.

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