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2o23 short com tv sitcom writing competition


1st. Graham Reaper - Eden McIntyre

2nd. Chasers - Paul Read

3rd.Karl Marx - The Hacienda Years - Shaun Lowthian

4th. Cancelled - Ollie Adewusi // Batshit Debbie - Billy Abraham

THE SHORTLIST were adjudicated by Lucie Wolfman, Janet Awe and Lisa Mitchell.


Adrian's Wall

Bad Habbits

Bat Shit Debbie

Battle of The Realms

Be Luckier

Bed Bug

Beyond The White Line

Blended Working

Blood Pressure


Brothers' & Sister.

Brown Planet

Byker 101


Castle Craven


Cole's Law

Debbie Nesbitt Is Not Dead Yet


Facing Up

For The Greta Goode

Forever England


George Elliot Ghostwriter


Graham Reaper

Hangers On

Head of The House

Home Wreckers


In Development


Karl Marx: The Hacienda Years

Love Handles

Lovers Paradise

Morris Ruins Everything

Mortuus Ridiculum

My Wife Is a Superhero

Never Mind The Bollards

Not a Prayer

Nothing Like The Truth: Straight Jacket

Out Of Plaice

Please Be Patient



Small Talk


Some Boomers

St Lorraine

Student Debt

The 13

The Clamper

The Finishing Touch

The Forger

The Happiness Chain

The Hung One

The Rawley Radicals!

The Supporters

The Unexpected Guru

Top Gut



Chris Maudsley

Sarah Rowan

Billiy Abraham

Callum Jones

Nikhil Rampal

Kate Stokes

Jonny King

Blake Knox

Aruhan Galieva & Christina Riggs

Rebecca Bain and Alex Garrick Wright

Victoria Scarborough

Alex Telfer

Ian Brumpton

Ollie Adewusi

Andrea Hubert & Ryan Cullen

Paul Read

William Vandyck

Linda Butler

Jimmy Graham

Amy Harrison

Andrew Thompson

John Hort

Simon Joisiffe

Sarah Louise Dean, Becky Lima Matthews, Jen Francis

Faye Bird

Eden McIntyre

Sylvia Park

Mahad Ali

Emily Farrell

Robbie Sunderland

Sylvia Park & Paul Randall

Sam Went

Shaun Lothian

Cailtin M Kearns

James Huggett

Stephen Agnew

Eoin Ross

Mike Arber & David Kidder

Mikey Jackson

Olaseni Akala-Richards

William Vandyck

Eddie Robinson

Jenny Collier

Daniel Powell

Catherine Dunne

Kate Stokes

Michael Beck

Tom Worsley

Amy Xander

Luna Al-kaisy

Ralph Jones

Rod Maharg

Adam Welch

Jack Nicholls

Joz Norris

James Murphy

Dan Watson

Mike Beddoes & Amy Clarke

Philip Briscoe

Tom Critch

Hannah Croft and Fiona Pearce

Anne-Marie Draycott & Charity Trimm

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